Donate - why not? And what do you get?

All my software is freeware - except from SynthFont2 and VSTSynthFont Version 3. The licence you get by donating is valid for both items - get 2 for 1!
If you like SynthFont (1 or 2), VSTSynthFont or any other of my tools you may like to donate the ridiculouslysmall sum of 15.00 (about $18) on PayPal or SWREGto help me keep developing and updating.

Note: PayPal does not require new buyers to sign up for PayPal accounts before making payments.

As soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) I will send you an email with your personal registration code. If you do not hear from me within a few days then send me an email. It has happened a few times that my email with the code has not reached the destination without me knowing it.
If you prefer to use SWREG by Digital River instead, then by all means: click the image above here to do that. Be sure to remove the Registration Backup Service, you do not need that one! Please notice that a temporary user name and keycode is sent to you in the confirmation email from SWREG. Look for a line that looks like this:

KEYCODE(S):  Name:Oct2010 Code:753FKGL7583HKJLGS75F
(this code does not work, of course!)