What is new in the latest Viena versions?

Version 1.131:
Bug fixes:
- In 1.130: exception raised when adding samples to a SoundFont that didn't contain any Instruments
Version 1.130:
Bug fixes:
- Bug fixes, bug fixes...
- For example: function "Save Presets as Files" did not work in 1.121
- Samples with bad loop end point were not handled gracefully.

New features:
- Function Import SoundFonts: a new button "Select all presets in all SoundFonts" in the dialog box where you select SoundFonts and Presets (see image at the bottom of page)
- In Sample editor, during playback of sample audio, you can now change the equalizer and hear the effect
- Better support for Windows XP
Version 1.110, 1.120, and 1.121:
Bug fixes:
- Even more bugs fixed in version 1.121.
- For example: function Import SoundFonts did not work.
- The "Play MIDI" function is almost in order now. (Playback could sometimes result in some surreal sound artifacts. These could more clearly be heard when using the Play to File function - although this should be silent!)

Bug fixes:
- Even more bugs fixed in version 1.120.
- The "Play MIDI" function not ready yet. Almost there now.
- Fixed a few rather critical bugs related to editing SoundFont modulators.
- Also fixed some other reported bugs.

New features:
- The "Play MIDI" tool offers a new play alternative: "Play to File". This function lets you create an audio file (standard WAV format) for later use.

Note: Viena version before 1.130 do not work on Windows XP.
Version 1.100, 1.101, 1.102 and 1.103:
Bug fixes in version 1.103:
- The "Play MIDI" function not ready yet. Almost there.
- Also fixed some other reported bugs.

- Introduced the 64 bit version.

Bug fixes in version 1.102:
- The new "Play MIDI" function was not set for the case when no MIDI file was selected.

Bug fixes in version 1.101:
- The new Reverb model MVeerb was not initialized correctly.

Bug fixes:
- A certain bug has been present in Viena since version 0.990: on rare occasions, after saving a file using the same file name (NOT Save As...), the samples in memory would get scrambled in a certain way - sample data would "spill over" into each other. This was only a memory issue - the saved file was in no way disorganized. Hence, reopening the file cleared the issue. In version 1.100 the saved file is now immediately reopened.
- Many other reported bugs have been fixed.

New features:
- There is a new main page called  "Play MIDI". Here you can load a MIDI file and play it using any SoundFont you like. Pull the green/red bars in the mini Piano Roll to define a playback region.
- The Reverb function as been augmented with a new model ("MVeerb") to be used alternatively to the classic "Reveerb" mode, which is fast but is impaired with a somewhat metallic sound.
Version 1.000:
Bug fixes:
- Even more bugs fixed!
Version 0.999:
Bug fixes:
- Version 0.998 introduced this bug: Audio preview of a sample in the Sample page editor didn't play anything for monophonic samples
Version 0.998:
Bug fixes:
- The drag and drop function in the SoundFont tree did not work properly
- The Undo function still had some problems restoring the state of Samples
- Adding a sample as a an replacement for an existing one (same name) did not work 
- A few other minor bugs have been removed.
New features:
- New Split functions in the "More functions..." menu, for example: "Delete split".
- Use of a "Keys" file to make it easy to create a new instrument. See separate documentation here: "How to create a drum SoundFont"
Version 0.997:
Bug fixes:
- Version 0.996 did indeed fix a number of bugs, but also introduced a couple of new ones. These have now been removed.
Version 0.996:
Bug fixes:
- A number of reported bugs have been removed.
Version 0.995:
Bug fixes:
- Important big fix: the Undo functions did not always work properly.
- A very large number of bugs have been removed in this version!
New features:
- One major improvement is the capability to handle very large SoundFonts - up to 4 GB.
- Option: when you select an Instrument or a Preset in the tree view, you can now let Viena go immediately to the Splits or Layers table (to the Global) and skip the "graphical key/velocity map." Go to Setup to choose how you want to to have it.
- Display two SoundFonts side-by-side: This double view is handy for comparing two SoundFonts. Additionally, there is a drag and drop feature - drag almost any item and drop it.
- There is a text editor that lets you more easily edit the comments in a SoundFont - see the "File Info" page on the right side.
- There is a new button that lets you reduce the number of Instrument generators used. Handy with large SoundFonts to keep the number below 65536. See the "File Info" page.
- Fed up with all those Hint windows popping up? Go to Setup and switch them off.
Version 0.994:
Bug fixes:
- Playing on the virtual keyboard might cause an exception to occur
- Other minor reported bugs removed.
Version 0.993:
Bug fixes:
- The function "Purge unused items" might randomly cause the references to samples (within Instrument splits) or Instruments (within Preset layers) to get scrambled.
- Fixed the "Replace samples" function (in "More functions...". Use this to create a new Instrument based on a copy of another Instrument.)
- Also fixed some other bugs.

Improved features:
- Introduced a new dialog box for selecting presets in SoundFonts to be imported (menu item "File | Import SoundFonts"). By default the first preset will always be checked. So in a case of XX SoundFonts you do no need to go through all of them one by one to check the first (and single) preset.
- Samples in a SoundFont file are always monophonic. Stereophonic samples will hence always be split into two samples. There is a parameter within each sample record that tells which kind of sample this is: mono, left or right. In case of left or right, there is also a link to the pair. Viena has always tried to keep these links up to date, but there are many SoundFonts in which this link is broken. Viena offers a function called "Check and fix L-R links" (menu "Edit"). Select this to show a dialog box (see below). Additionally, in the Sample editor there is a new option to let Viena always check and fix the link for the selected sample.

Other issues:
- Viena no longer supports integration into SynthFont2 through a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL). A new version of SynthFont2 with inbuilt Viena will be released soon.