What is new in the latest Viena version?

Version 1.100, 1.101, 1.102 and 1.103:
Bug fixes:
- The "Play MIDI" function not ready yet. Almost there.
- Also fixed some other reported bugs.

- Introduced the 64 bit version.

Bug fixes in version 1.102:
- The new "Play MIDI" function was not set for the case when no MIDI file was selected.

Bug fixes in version 1.101:
- The new Reverb model MVeerb was not initialized correctly.

Bug fixes:
- A certain bug has been present in Viena since version 0.990: on rare occasions, after saving a file using the same file name (NOT Save As...), the samples in memory would get scrambled in a certain way - sample data would "spill over" into each other. This was only a memory issue - the saved file was in no way disorganized. Hence, reopening the file cleared the issue. In version 1.100 the saved file is now immediately reopened.
- Many other reported bugs have been fixed.

New features:
- There is a new main page called  "Play MIDI". Here you can load a MIDI file and play it using any SoundFont you like. Pull the green/red bars in the mini Piano Roll to define a playback region.
- The Reverb function as been augmented with a new model ("MVeerb") to be used alternatively to the classic "Reveerb" mode, which is fast but is impaired with a somewhat metallic sound.
Version 1.000:
Bug fixes:
- Even more bugs fixed!
Version 0.999:
Bug fixes:
- Version 0.998 introduced this bug: Audio preview of a sample in the Sample page editor didn't play anything for monophonic samples
Version 0.998:
Bug fixes:
- The drag and drop function in the SoundFont tree did not work properly
- The Undo function still had some problems restoring the state of Samples
- Adding a sample as a an replacement for an existing one (same name) did not work 
- A few other minor bugs have been removed.
New features:
- New Split functions in the "More functions..." menu, for example: "Delete split".
- Use of a "Keys" file to make it easy to create a new instrument. See separate documentation here: "How to create a drum SoundFont"
Version 0.997:
Bug fixes:
- Version 0.996 did indeed fix a number of bugs, but also introduced a couple of new ones. These have now been removed.
Version 0.996:
Bug fixes:
- A number of reported bugs have been removed.
Version 0.995:
Bug fixes:
- Important big fix: the Undo functions did not always work properly.
- A very large number of bugs have been removed in this version!
New features:
- One major improvement is the capability to handle very large SoundFonts - up to 4 GB.
- Option: when you select an Instrument or a Preset in the tree view, you can now let Viena go immediately to the Splits or Layers table (to the Global) and skip the "graphical key/velocity map." Go to Setup to choose how you want to to have it.
- Display two SoundFonts side-by-side: This double view is handy for comparing two SoundFonts. Additionally, there is a drag and drop feature - drag almost any item and drop it.
- There is a text editor that lets you more easily edit the comments in a SoundFont - see the "File Info" page on the right side.
- There is a new button that lets you reduce the number of Instrument generators used. Handy with large SoundFonts to keep the number below 65536. See the "File Info" page.
- Fed up with all those Hint windows popping up? Go to Setup and switch them off.
Version 0.994:
Bug fixes:
- Playing on the virtual keyboard might cause an exception to occur
- Other minor reported bugs removed.
Version 0.993:
Bug fixes:
- The function "Purge unused items" might randomly cause the references to samples (within Instrument splits) or Instruments (within Preset layers) to get scrambled.
- Fixed the "Replace samples" function (in "More functions...". Use this to create a new Instrument based on a copy of another Instrument.)
- Also fixed some other bugs.

Improved features:
- Introduced a new dialog box for selecting presets in SoundFonts to be imported (menu item "File | Import SoundFonts"). By default the first preset will always be checked. So in a case of XX SoundFonts you do no need to go through all of them one by one to check the first (and single) preset.
- Samples in a SoundFont file are always monophonic. Stereophonic samples will hence always be split into two samples. There is a parameter within each sample record that tells which kind of sample this is: mono, left or right. In case of left or right, there is also a link to the pair. Viena has always tried to keep these links up to date, but there are many SoundFonts in which this link is broken. Viena offers a function called "Check and fix L-R links" (menu "Edit"). Select this to show a dialog box (see below). Additionally, in the Sample editor there is a new option to let Viena always check and fix the link for the selected sample.

Other issues:
- Viena no longer supports integration into SynthFont2 through a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL). A new version of SynthFont2 with inbuilt Viena will be released soon.
Version 0.992:
Bug fixes:
- Viena did not work so well with an external (hardware) keyboard
- The regular set of bugs.
Version 0.991:
Bug fixes:
- The two generators "fineTune" (pitch adjustment) and "sampleMode" (sample loop mode) were not used if defined in the Global split only.
Version 0.990:
Improved feature:
- Viena has now a much improved support for SoundFont Modulators.
- Viena can now monitor a MIDI input port for data and start the synth engine as soon as a meaningful event occurs. You can switch this feature on/off in Setup,
- Small addition: there is a function in the Splits editor to duplicate a split within an instrument - "More functions...", menu item "Copy/Paste split".

Bug fixes:
- Since version 0.97X Viena has had problems with saving a SoundFont more than once.
- A rather large number of bugs fixed. For example, working with several SoundFonts open at the same time there was a risk that the instruments were mixed between SoundFonts in a random manner.